Divination: Why and How?

What exactly is Divination? Well Wikipedia defines the process this way. Divination (from Latin divinare “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”,related to divinus, divine) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. Basically then it is simply the process of using a ritual to help answer some type of question.The why portion seems kind of self- explanatory. The why can be anything from trying to predict the weather, to help predict the best times to plant crops, or know what is the best time to attack the enemy with your armies. Almost every culture at some time or another has used divination. Anything from the weather to amulets,the stars,constellations and even throwing sticks and stones has be used for divination. Les look into the various methods and whom used them and why.

Lets start with the Chinese. The earliest confirmed evidence of divination was on a turtle plastron excavated at Wuyang, Jiahu, in China, 7,000 BC – 5,700 BC. The Chinese as well as other cultures now also use the I Ching or the Book of Changes as sometimes is known too. The book uses a form of divination known as Cleromancy. In this case Cleromancy is simply throwing a random lot( ex coins,bones,) and then forming a hexagram and then looking up the results in the book.

Tasseomancy or tea-leaf reading is quite possible invented by the Chinese as well and transplanted to Europe. This one is actually my favorite and is quite easy to do. The person wishing to have their tea leaves read should drink the tea until there is about an inch or so left in the bottom of the cup. This person should be thinking of a question or concentrating on whatever their issue is. Once the tea has been consumed the questioner should hold the handle in the left hand with a starting position facing the heart, and swirl the tea around to the left three times, finishing again facing the heart. The tea cup is then up-turned onto the saucer some fortune tellers will ask you to tap three times on the bottom of the up-turned cup before giving them the cup and saucer.

Now we move on to the Italians and the famed Tarot cards. Tarot cards, it is believed probably originated in Egypt but the Italians aristocracy popularized it as a divination tool. Basically you can read them yourself or have someone else do it. Without getting into the entire process you basically think of a question and then the cards provide and answer for you. Hopefully one that is positive.

In Africa they practice throwing the bones. A Sangoma, similar to a priest or spiritual guide will read the bones for you and provide some insight.The reading of the bones is used  tool for the Sangoma, enabling the Sangoma to ‘see’ through the ancestor’s eyes what is wrong with the client. The ancestors talk to the Sangoma and tell the Sangoma what the issues are that the client has come to get help for, from the Sangoma.

That does it for this very brief intro into divination. I will be updating this time permitting. I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading!!!



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