Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer

A Ghost whisperer is defined as a person who can see and communicate with ghost or the dead.
In this post we will discover and discuss the TV show the Ghost whisperer as well as some of the real life phenomena the show is based on.
First the show is centered on Melinda who has a gift, the ability to see and talk with the spirits of the dead. Melinda helps the ghosts she encounters by helping them to resolve their unresolved issues. The series which was released by in 2005 and finished up in 2010 was well received. The cast included Jennifer Love Hewitt and many others. Here is a link to the full cast if interested. Ghost Whisperer Cast The show had a total of 107 episodes. You can grab a copy of the complete series here. Ghost Whisperer: The Complete Series

Jennifer Love Hewitt played Melinda Gordon whose character was based on real life ghost whisperer Mary Ann Winkowski.


Mary Ann Winkowski was born in Cleveland, Ohio and has been communicating with earthbound spirits for most of her life. Her earliest memories include talking to spirits of the deceased as if they were living people and helping these entities cross over into the White Light.
Over the course of work as a paranormal investigator, Mary Ann’s reputation has spread. She is a consultant to the CBS hit television show Ghost Whisperer, has appeared on numerous TV and radio news programs, and spoken at countless lectures. What once she between raising two daughters, foster parenting, and pet grooming has now becomes a full-time vocation?
Still living and working primarily in the Cleveland area, Mary Ann has offered her abilities to those in need as far away as New Mexico, St. Lucia, and Scotland. In When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits (Grand Central Publishing, October 2007) Mary Ann shares a lifetime’s worth of information about the spirit world and reveals her often surprising interactions with some memorable ghosts.
Mary Ann shows the human side of the paranormal — stories about ghosts told from the perspectives of the ghosts themselves – and teaches us how we can coexist peaceably with the spirits that surround us.
Unlike the sensationalized tales of most ghost lore, When Ghosts Speak presents real stories of troubled people — both the living and the dead — not simply the terror of sinister paranormal manifestations served up by horror novels and Hollywood.
Mary Ann offers lessons on death and the immortality of the spirit that only someone who can actually speak with the deceased could teach. Her abilities have offered solace to countless people, either by reuniting them with loved ones who have died or by removing unwanted spirits and negative energy from homes, businesses or possessions.

Here is a link to her website go check it out is very interesting

Here is a link to YouTube that shows the TV series the Ghost whisperer so you can watch some episodes if interested.

Search and search I did and I could not really find anyone else claiming to be a “ghost Whisperer”. I will continue to update this page with any new information I can find. Please feel free to contact me if you have any information that could help.

After some research I think a related topic is that of Mediumship. Mediumship is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediates communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Sounds very similar to our definition of Ghost whisperer. Below is a list of the top 10 best known mediums and links to their websites.

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Television and movies love to play-up the creepy side of ghosts as though every specter is terrifying, noisy, and could cause a living body real harm. The reality is boring. If you think there’s a ghost in your building because of noise and strange odors, your best bet is to call in a contractor and an exterminator. You probably have a rodent problem and missing roof tiles.

Truth versus Fiction

TV producers admit their audiences love it when ghost hunters find something gruesome. They’re expecting drama from the paranormal world. As they say, without terror and anticipation, there would be no show. Writers imagine ghosts in frightening forms sporting terrible wounds and missing body parts. Real ghost hunters say they aren’t like that at all, but the ghost video they capture during visits to homes and businesses would represent many hours of silence and darkness: not riveting and terrible for ratings.

Going on a Ghost Hunt

In fact, the average genuine ghost hunter knows he or she is in for a night of boredom. There’s lots of coffee involved but not necessarily fear. Many calls will lead ghost hunters to nothing but a drafty exterior wall or a bird stuck in a wall cavity. Ghost video sometimes provides a tantalizing glimpse of possible spectral behavior, but the paranormal world is rarely dramatic or noisy.

Paranormal Equipment

Those who partake in the hobby of ghost hunting adapt equipment formerly used for other purposes but which anyone can purchase at an electronics store. That’s part of the struggle for someone who hunts phantoms for a living: scientists don’t take the gear seriously. It hasn’t been certified or approved by official regulators because there is no such thing as an American Spectral Location Equipment Safety Committee. If there was, the acronym would be a lot cooler.

Commercial Scams

A kook who takes your money and claims to be a ghost whisperer should be avoided at all costs. Some so-called ghost hunters gather bogus equipment and dress up in outlandish gear to excite and frighten tourists. They charge a fee to lead visitors around an old warehouse or a popular restaurant made more popular still by spectral references. It’s unlikely there’s anything to see, but someone creates sound effects or hones in on any odd sounds. Scam artists know how to talk-up possible paranormal associations so visitors don’t stop to look for a reasonable answer. Probably the customer is happy to be entertained.

Ghost Image and Ghost Video

Sometimes a video will come to light in which a ghost’s image is seen and his voice is heard. For the world of ghost studies this is a victory of sorts, but one which automatically attracts derision and skepticism. Even those who take part in a ghost hunt are potentially just curious. They don’t always believe but they want answers, and the real world isn’t giving them anything that fits their experience. If there’s one fact about real ghost hunting which surprises audiences, however, it’s that people who are somehow in touch with spirits don’t feel there’s anything to get excited about.

What You Should Know About Working With A Ghost Whisperer

Most people have heard of animal whisperers or professionals who are extremely sensitive to the needs and voices of animals. A ghost whisperer has a very similar talent, however, this person is more likely to connect with a disembodied spirit or ghost, rather than a cat, horse or dog. When groups go on a ghost hunt, they often want to have a ghost whisperer along with them. The whisperer will have the best ability to detect spiritual energies and to discern the nature of these entities. He or she may even be able to communicate directly with a spirit in order to know more about the circumstances surrounding the spirit’s life, death and after life condition.

Ghost Hunters Specialize In All Forms Of Paranormal Activity

The paranormal is actually a very vast field. In addition to encountering ghosts, many ghost hunters believe that they have connected with inter-dimensional beings and a host of other entities. Teams who have toured some of the most haunted locations in the world have had interesting encounters with both spirits and beings that claim to have never been human at all. Given that the paranormal is still largely undefined, the existence of ghosts and other spiritual entities is a matter of opinion.

There are, however, a number of visual resources that people can refer to. For instance, you can look at a ghost image that a person has taken in his or her own home. There are lots of these images that have been uploaded to the web. A ghost image might have a large, unexplained flash or bubble of white light that is believed to be evidence of the restless spirit. A ghost image can also have the clearly defined silhouette of an actual person. There are countless photos that have been shared, all with varying degrees of clarity.

Watching A Ghost Video

It is additionally possible to watch a ghost video that has been made by either novice or amateur ghost hunters who are actively involved in a ghost hunt. The camera might be shaky in some of these videos, but you are guaranteed to get a thrill. You can always tell whether or not a video appears authentic by seeing how other viewers have rated the video or by reading the comments they have left. Ghost images and videos are frequently viewed by both believers in the paranormal and skeptics alike.

The Goal Of A Ghost Hunt

Every ghost hunt can have its own, unique set of goals. The most common type of ghost hunt is a simple quest to prove that life after death exists by capturing video or camera footage of a spirit or of spirit activity. A whisperer, however, can be brought along to garner more information from the spirit world than can be gleaned by video taping along. In fact, some whisperers are actually able to speak directly with spirits and may even have the ability to help these entities move on, by assisting them in finding resolutions for any unfinished business that they might have.

How to Spot a Fake Ghost Whisperer

Don’t believe everything you see, read, hear, or pay for: that’s a summary of the warnings from assorted ghost hunters. Phony specter spotters are con-artists convincing credulous consumers that the incessant drip from their tap is being caused by a poltergeist and your two-year old is having tantrums because she’s possessed. Take a step back and think about the implications of this warning for a minute. Firstly, it’s the real ghost whisperer who is saying this stuff; warning consumers and thrill seekers. Secondly, your problems could have a regular cause like faulty plumbing or a bad-tempered child.

Fiction from the Fakes

A bogus ghost hunt will involve fancy equipment like readers and ectoplasm detectors designed to look like they came straight from Phantom Finders’ Warehouse. Your host constantly hears, sees, and feels things and will convince you there is a presence in the room. She might even claim to be in touch with the ghost or ghosts and go into a trance. This spirit is all that remains of the victim of some gruesome act committed a long time ago. This was a murder scene, preferably one with a high body count where a dad murdered his children. The more shocking a specter chaser’s finds are, the happier her customers will be.

The Cost of Lies

Ghost hunters must be reimbursed for their time, equipment, and expertise. After all, not everyone can talk to spirits. This is a skill which should not be taken for granted. You’re going to pay and it won’t be cheap. One ghost hunter claims you should never have to pay anything for help from someone in the ghost hunting business. Men and women dealing in the paranormal from a spirit of curiosity and genuine interest do this sort of job on the side, for the pursuit of knowledge, and without charging a dime. That’s why they have day jobs.

How to Respond to Ghost Video

Actual experts in paranormal studies promise there is very little footage featuring haunting noises and cloudy white shapes in blood-spattered Victorian clothing. At least there isn’t much in comparison to the many fruitless hours spent searching for a fleeting ghost image or an audible gem of some kind. Real experts in paranormal studies rarely experience anything remotely scary during their authentic encounters with the dead. Some exchanges are poignant, but terror is in short supply.

Consumers don’t want to hear that. Such claims ruin hopes that their favorite movies and shows are real and that they, too, could one day encounter a real spirit. Here is some advice if you want to attend a ghost hunt or shoot ghost video of your own.

Advice for Pursuing the Paranormal

Approach the topic with the right attitude. Why are you doing this in the first place? Do you want to be scared? Are you hopeful of cashing in on a spooky find? Perhaps you simply want to get to the bottom of rumors or unexplained phenomena that are plaguing your home and scaring its occupants. Start with reasonable explanations first and look into ghost hunting only as a last resort.

Ghost Whisperer Or a Ghost Wimp?

Hunting for the paranormal can be an intriguing journey of discovery. Whether you’re a ghost whisperer attempting to connect with souls that have crossed over or a cinema buff trying to make a ghost video, your travels into the world of spirits can be enlightening and enchanting.

Stepping into the paranormal world is not for the faint of heart. You need to be prepared to keep your emotions in check and your fears at bay. If you are easily spooked, this may not be an adventure you want to pursue. Ghost hunters need to be prepared for anything that comes their way; if a ghost image is likely to send you scurrying in the opposite direction, opting for milder pursuits is most definitely recommended. Exploring abandoned buildings or journeying through cemeteries rumored to be haunted requires nerves of steel and a willingness to suspend traditional beliefs. Pessimists need not apply for the job of ghost hunter.

If you believe you have the makings of ghost sleuth, you need to decide if you prefer to work alone or as a member of a ghost hunt team. While some individuals shudder at the thought of hunting for the paranormal on their own, others find the thrill of the hunt quite empowering. Approaches can be completely different; some individuals on the hunt for ghosts come prepared with gadgets and thermal imaging sensors while others rely on their senses and ability to communicate with spiritual beings. Understanding the different approaches it crucial if you are going to make ghost hunting a part of your regular activities.

For those who decide they are not quite ready for ongoing ghostly pursuits, the option of ghost tours is another possibility. You can partake in tours led by a ghost specialist and only push limits you are comfortable with. If you find a particular activity spooky and too scary to complete, you usually have the option of sitting out specific tour activities. It is imperative you discuss this possibility with the tour company before setting out on your journey. If a tour leader does not want stragglers left behind, you need to have this information before making your ghost tour booking. When making arrangements with a tour company, ensure you ask pertinent questions as to equipment required. Will you need to provide your own infrared thermometer and camera or will such equipment be provided? Are tour participants encouraged to actively hunt for ghosts or are you just supposed to follow along and listen to your tour guide’s teachings? Will your guide be making audio recordings of ghostly phenomena you encounter so you have a record of your adventures? By investigating the numerous ghost hunting tour options available, you will be better prepared to ask the right questions prior to booking.

Journeying into the land of spiritual beings can be an incredible experience. Your frame of mind is crucial if you are to make the experience more than just a joke. Hunting for ghosts can be a deeply moving experience; it all depends on your mindset and willingness to explore.

Connect to Lost Souls By Working With A Ghost Whisperer

One of the greatest paranormal interests in any cultures revolves around the desire to connect with the dead. Most people are extremely curious to know more about what might be waiting for them in the after life. There are also lots of people who are eager to pass messages on to their love ones who have already passed on. Ghost hunters used sophisticated equipment to learn more about the entities that might be present in haunted places. It is not uncommon for these teams to include an experienced ghost whisperer as well. This is a person with psychic capabilities who can both sense and communicate with disembodied spirits.

The Web Incites Massive Interest In The Paranormal

The Internet contains a wealth of visual resources that people can use to garner more information about the paranormal. For instance, you can view a ghost image or a ghost video that contains actual footage of spirits or spirit activity. The authenticity of these resources are often questioned, however, there are a number of wholly convincing videos and images that have yet to be successfully refuted. Given that there is really no solid, concrete evidence of the world or events that exist on the other side of death, much of these resources require a small amount of flexibility or an existing belief of a spiritual body and a spiritual world in order to engender any real sense of awe.

When The Paranormal Gets Scary

It is important to note that there are a number of ghost hunters who have come in contact with spiritual beings who are not or do not claim to be the disembodied souls of humans. This is common in areas that are extremely haunted or that have been used for certain religious rituals and rites in the past. In these instances, the ghost whisperer on the team might alert his or her companions of nervous or malicious energies. Objects may move, lights may go out or other disturbing and unsettling events may occur. Much like viewing a ghost image or a ghost video with a real sense of awe requires a belief in ghost entities, evidence of these encounters is best accepted by people who have some belief in inter-dimensional beings.

The Primary Job Of The Ghost Whisperer

The ghost whisperer on any ghost hunt will perform a variety of functions. Given that this person is more reliant upon a heightened sixth sense than technical ghost hunting tools, he or she is most likely to pick up on strong feelings or emotions. The ghost whisperer has a keen understanding of the paranormal and may be prone to visions or hearing voices that other people in the group cannot hear. This makes this professional most capable of connecting with disembodied spirits and learning more about their pasts.

When people have haunted homes or a desire to connect with loved ones who have passed on, a ghost hunt can be performed. The ghost whisperer in the group will reach out to or attempt to connect with the lost soul or souls that have been haunting the property. The primary role of the whisperer is to encourage the lost soul to pass on and to help resolve any long-standing grievances or grief so that this becomes possible. He or she may even pass messages between deceased loved ones and the living in order to alleviate feelings of loss an sorrow.