What is a ghost?

Paranormal events exist outside the confines of normal experience or scientific justification. The term “paranormal” is actually used to describe a wide variety of phenomena and activity that falls outside what most people consider to be “ordinary.” These events include ghost image and ghost video, telekinesis, ESP, faith healing, extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, the existence of UFOs and visitation from alien lifeforms—just to name a few.

Among these phenomena, the most notable paranormal beliefs are those revolving around ghostly apparitions and hauntings.

If you think about it is easy to see why this is a common belief. Each and every person holds some level of curiosity about what happens after death. Does the soul simply melt from existence? Does it roam the earth visiting loved ones and addressing unfinished business? Is there life after physical death at all? It is truly one of life’s greatest—and most perplexing–mysteries. Those of us who have lost loved ones also tend to wonder if it is possible for spirits to communicate with the living. Is there any way those that have passed on can report to us from beyond the grave? Can some one’s ghost let us know that there is more to experience than the physical world in which we reside? Wherever you stand on this particular topic, a myriad of people have reported ghost sightings—some in a comforting human form, others in misty, shapeless blobs that seek to frighten and unnerve.

A psychic medium or Ghost whisperer, is someone who claims to use extrasensory perception—or ESP–to identify information hidden from our normal five senses. Many psychics also claim they can tap into ghostly energy and directly communicate with spirits and apparitions. Many mediums report that their ability to speak to the dead has helped people connect with their deceased friends or relatives. These loved ones are then able to provide the living with guidance concerning some life’s most difficult challenges: relationships, jobs, and health. Psychic mediums may also help those who claim they are haunted by ghosts pinpoint the specific reason for the haunting, and how to overcome a particularly frightening spirit.

Ghost hunters are also paranormal investigators who inspect locations that are supposedly haunted by ghosts. Usually a ghost hunt is performed at night by a team in an attempt to collect evidence that supports a previous claim of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters typically use various electronic equipment, including a digital thermometer to test for “cold spots,” as ghosts are said to drastically reduce the temperature in a room. Ghost hunters may also use EMF meters or digital cameras or video recording devices to capture photographic evidence of a spirit.

There are various ideas and theories surrounding what is in fact a ghost and how they are able to occasionally communicate with the living. One prominent theory suggests that what is often referred to as a ghost is in fact the pure consciousness energy of a deceased individual. As many scientists will tell you, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It simply changes forms. Could this be what so many people have reported as a haunting?

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